Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sketch Entries

Wow! I'd like to thank these 7 women for indulging me and taking me up on my sketch offer.

Bjay Jaminal

Dinah Maningat

Jona Panesa

Khei De Dios

Mia Castrillo

Techie Gonzales

Ytet Solivet

Zabeth Tan

I decided to give each of you a little something for your efforts, instead of giving away just one RAK (God knows I have more than enough scrap stuff). Let me know if you'll be at the March 8 fundraising event or at the March 15 Scrapbooks-Exchange EB. Mia, come back to Manila so I can give you a hug since I wasn't here when you last came home!

Thank you also to Wendy and Michelle who expressed their desire to join but, unfortunately, are not based in Manila -- sorry, shipping costs were not included in my original budget but who knows, maybe next time :(

1 comment:

Frumpies world said...

Don't worry, Ria, I expected as much, but still love the things you create so....And, uhm, I hope you don't mind, but you've been tagged!! You can check it out on my blog. Hope you have fun with it, xxxWendy.