Monday, May 28, 2007


Did this LO with the Ms. Universe Pageant as my background noise. I never felt so old!

How can I not feel old when I realized I was watching Ms. Universe because Ms. Philippines' mom is my friend???

I am addicted to my Fiskars scallop template. This was one of my first scrapbooking purchases way back in 2003 and I never used it until recently.

Am I glad I didn't sell it! Now I know that like clothing fashions, scrapbooking fashions also make a comeback!

Title: Together

Quote: Know that if you have each other, you have all you will ever need.

Materials Used: Scenic Route pps, DCWV cs, Fontwerks, Technique Tuesday and Lil Davis stamps, Ancient Page & Chalk inks, Jo-ann word clip, Making Memories acrylic paint, Grafix transparency, Zig pen, misc lace & ribbon.

Don't Cry

Did this simple quickie LO yesterday -- in under an hour -- a major feat for me.

Bud took this photo of Nadya & I at our Mother's Day breakfast on May 13. It's become our tradition to have breakfast at my restaurant of choice on Mother's Day -- breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

I love the fact that when my kids need comforting because they got hurt or feel scared, I am the one they choose to go to -- as if all their pain and fear will go away when I put my "magic arms" around them.

Title: Don't Cry

Journaling: One of the best things about being a mom is when my kids choose to come to me for comfort -- a hug, a kiss on their "ouchie" -- it makes it all worthwhile. May '07

Materials Used: Urban Lily pp, DCWV cs, Making Memories metal frame, Autumn Leaves stamp, Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Heidi Swapp & K&Co chipboard alphas, chalk ink, Zig pen, misc lace

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sweet N Sassy

Finished this LO of Nadya yesterday. The pic was taken last Oct 2006 during Luis' birthday lunch and after a school performance.

Performing on stage always gives Nadya a high -- she has no concept of stage fright. Especially at her ballet recital last Saturday where she had a 3-minute solo part. I asked her before it started if she was scared, and her reply -- "Of course not!" Out of all the kids, she was the only one who was smiling and looking straight at the audience during her performance.

Title: Sweet n Sassy

Pull-Out Journaling: You have the most disarming personality -- one minute you're the sweetest girl ever, and the next moment you're glaring at Daddy. But we love you just the way you are.

Materials Used: Scenic Route - patterned paper & die-cut arrows; Heidi Swapp bling words and chipboard alpha; DCWV cardstock; chalk ink, Ancient Page stamp ink; Fontwerks & PSX stamps; Zig pen; misc bling and lace

Note: The "n" serves a dual purpose -- short for "and" & also as a monogram for "Nadya".

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Mother's Secret Hope

Finished this LO of my Lola Lydia (my Dad's mom) last night. I took this picture of her last Mother's Day, May 13.

The LO is based on a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes : "Youth fades, love droops, leaves of friendship fall. A mother's secret hope outlives them all."

Journaling: Only now that I am a mother too, can I even begin to see how strong my Lola Lydia really is, knowing what she has gone thru in her almost 93 years. A WW2 survivor and a loyal wife to my grandfather, who died after a prolonged illness in 1975. A devoted mom to my Dad, who passed away unexpectedly in 1988, and to my Tita Elsa, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1999. Just the thought of anything happening to my children brings me to tears. I don't know how she is able to get up each morning to face the day. It must be in her secret hope that one day she will be with her children once again. May 2007

Materials Used: Fancy Pants and Basic Grey pps, Lil Davis Journaling Stamp, Coluzzle Library Pocket & Stamp, Ancient Page stamp ink, chalk ink, K&Co Chipboard phrase, Jo-ann metal alphabets, Heidi Swapp flower, Autumn Leaves rub-ons, Zig pen, misc bling, lace, ribbon, heart charm, metal flower, swirl clip, jump ring

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

She Mini Album for Scrapfest 2007

I was wondering why I seemed so busy in the past weeks, yet have nothing to post in my blog. Then I realized it's because I wasn't supposed to post them yet -- hehe.

Finally, Scrapfest 2007 is finished and I can post my She LOs!
The Scrappin' Moms outdid themselves again at last Saturday's Scrapfest.

Granted, the place was tight and the demos could have been conducted better -- but other than turn away 50% of the attendees and focus on only 1 technique, I don't think there was an alternative.

Scrapbooking has grown so much in the last year and just thinking of a venue that will accomodate everyone at the right price is giving us a headache.

Scrappers will only part with their money for scrap stuff but not for much else! Haha! Hope everyone had a great time anyway despite the minor setbacks.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Luv Ur Smile!

Finally finished this LO yesterday -- which I actually started 2 weeks ago but other things got in the way. This pic was taken at Burgoo's in Galleria -- on Luis actual birthday last year. His party was already held the day before.
At the time this pic was taken, 2 of his baby teeth had already been replaced by permanent teeth -- the gap is from the baby tooth he lost when he accidentally tripped when he was only a year old.
That minor accident was the 1st traumatic experience we had as parents. It was Easter Sunday of 2002 and we were in Canyon Woods. We got back from morning mass to find Yaya Jen holding a crying Luis. It was quite a bad fall that the rest of the tooth embedded in the gumline had to be taken out -- and he had to be put to sleep to do that. I think I cried more than he did during the "operation".
Although we've been waiting ever since for his permanent tooth to come out and fill that gap, I can't help but think that his smile is perfect the way it is.
Materials Used: From Scrapbukan - Tinkering Ink Westminster pps, Finery and alpha die-cuts, Lil Davis Journaling Stamp & Glitter Glaze; Others - KI Memories pp, Fancy Pants border & oval tag, Around the Block "My Boy" brad, K & Co chipboard, Staz-on ink, Zig pen, Joann chipboard tab, Misc twill, alphabet stamp, brads, ribbon.
Journaling: Oh how I dread the day when all your permanent teeth set in. I will really miss your "one-less tooth" smile and all the childhood memories that go with it. I luv ur smile!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I Was Scraplifted!

I got the shock of my life when I got an email from Joy Uzarraga (a 2peas Garden Girl) asking for permission to scraplift one of my LOs for the site's National Scrapbooking Day celebration last May 5. As usual, when I told Bud about it all I got was "That's great!" -- none of the screaming and jumping I was aching to do. So I ym'd Pia right away only to find out she had an even bigger secret (check out her blog).

The Garden Girls must think we're so shallow (true, mababaw ang kaligayahan namin) but this is really a great honor and makes all this shopping worth it! Haha!
This is particularly special for me because I really love this Lo of mine -- quite a take-off from my usual style -- I love it for its simplicity and message -- to constantly remind me of what's really important.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Scrapbytes May 2007 Issue

Check this out! Scrapbytes May 2007 issue is up! I don't think I'll ever get the hang of this "Editor-in-Chief" bit I'm playing right now. Haha!

Life is Beautiful

Did this LO as a belated birthday gift for Sahrie. She's so busy taking care of her family and Scrapbukan that she doesn't even have time to scrap anymore! How fun can that be?

Materials Used: From Scrapbukan: Gin-X No Clue Whatsoever pps; Others - silk flowers, rikrak, lace, brads.

I actually did a few other LOs in the past week pero secret muna -- will just post it once it's ok na.