Monday, October 20, 2008

Hurray! Birthday Season is Officially Over!

Whew! The period of July-October is always the busiest time for me. Not only has school started (and with it comes daily homework, exams, going back and forth to 3 different schools, traffic, etc) but all of my 3 kids' birthdays fall within this time frame.

Their birthdays are exactly 6 weeks apart -- beginning on July 20 (Nadya), then Sept 3 (Bianca) and finally ends on Oct 16 (Luis). And that's only on the home front since the Scrappin' Moms Idol Contest is also held during this time.

And since cost-cutting is THE underlying theme for all parties this year, they all celebrated their birthdays at home (Bianca had another one in school and Luis had a joint-party with 2 other friends). I not only made their birthday cakes, but I also made the invites, decorations and researched theme-related games and made props, on top of being the party host and music dj.

This year, I made a total of 5 cakes for my kids birthdays.

And to top it all of, my birthday falls right after Luis' on Oct 17 so I had to make time to celebrate it as well. I am not one to shy away from celebrating my birthday so I celebrated my last year in the 30's with 3 parties!

  • On Oct 11, I had my annual scrap-party with my best scrapping buddies. These guys are so sweet, they got together to get me a Clip-It Up with a 2nd tier. Unfortunately, we didn't have an over-nighter this time because my sked couldn't accomodate it.
  • On Oct 17 (after Luis' birthday party at home), Bud and I had dinner with Therese and her hubby Arman. Therese is one of my best college buddies -- too bad Buda and Janet are in the US and Kip was in Singapore (together we call ourselves the GGs). We ate at Mamou (yummy steak) where Bud had arranged for them to surprise me with a Mini Red Velvet Cake and a bouquet of flowers, all delivered to me as the waiters sang Happy Birthday! Then we had a few drinks at Brava reminiscing about the good old days when 5 rounds of Absolut-tonic wouldn't even make a dent in our system. We were surprised to still be awake past 1am!
  • And on Oct 18, we had Ladies Night with the other Hot OC (as in obsessive-compulsive) Moms October celebrants Astrid, Isay and Maget. This is my La Salle Greenhills mommy group -- THE source for all inside info and exam reviewers! The conversation among the 12 ladies present (no men allowed) was titillating, to say the least, especially with flowing wine, champagne and our secret lootbags!

Not bad for an old hag nearing her 40's, eh?


Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE to make cakes and cupcakes, so I loved this post. So cute!

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Hmmm.... Looks really really yummy!