Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy Week-End

I made these 5 cakes over the week-end -- 4 for Bud's birthday last May 22 (he brought 3 to the office) and the crown cake to celebrate Nadya and Bianca's ballet recital on May 24.

Friday, May 22, Rep Program / Bud's Birthday - Nadya had her Repertory Summer Workshop Program last Friday with a staging of "Kindergarten Musical" where she played the role of Taylor. Call-time at Greenbelt 1's Onstage Theater was at 9am for the 7pm program. After dropping her off, I went home to decorate the 3 cakes for Bud's office, delivered the cakes, had lunch with Bud and headed back to Greenbelt to watch Nadya's rehearsal. The show ended at 9pm after which we had a late dinner at Flapjacks.

Saturday, May 23, Recital Practice / Birthday Dinner - Woke up early to decorate 2 more cakes. Bud's parents gifted him with a whole lechon so we planned a "surprise" birthday dinner at home.
The yayas stayed home to prepare for dinner while I spent the whole afternoon with Nadya and Bianca at their ballet recital practice.
Can you tell Nadya wasn't too happy to have her picture taken beside a pig??? Haha!

Sunday, May 24, Ballet Recital - Went to mass at 11am and rushed home to get the girls made-up for Nadya's 5th and Bianca's 1st Ballet Recital. We were at the Ateneo Grade School's Henry Lee Irwin Theater for the 2pm call time, and the show ended at 8:30pm.
Had another late dinner at Old Spaghetti House.
Bianca enjoyed her 1st Recital so much she can't wait for next year.
Nadya, on the other hand, was so worn out she had a fever by the time we got to the restaurant.


Wati Basri said...

omg you make those cakes!! u are talented babe!!

Mia Castrillo said...

Happy birthday Buddy! Funny Nadya with the pig. Hehehe! Hope she feels better soon!

I'm gaining weight just looking at your cakes and thinking about them. Yum!

emsfronda said...

Ang sarap naman! Cakes and the lechon! Belated to Buddy! And your girls are so pretty! Too bad my Gaby isn't into ballet like I was her age (believe me hahaha...mahanap nga ang recital photo ko...ngii)

Jeff and Pia said...

Belated happy bday to Buddy!

Miss ko na cakes mo!

Nikki Sivils said...

I wish we lived closer so I could have you bake a "Cherry" cake for my first paper line! Your cakes are as pretty as your layouts!!