Friday, June 12, 2009

Back to Princess School

The past few days have been quite busy as the kids' summer activities wrap-up and we prepare for their going back to school next week.

As it is, Nadya's classes have already been postponed from the original June 9 to June 17 -- a precautionary measure to guard against the H1N1 virus -- as kids who vacationed abroad return to school. These kids have been asked to observe a 10-day self-quarantine but in some schools that did open this week, some students tested positive for the virus and the schools are now closed for 10 days. Here's hoping my kids' schools remain H1N1-free -- they'll come armed with a mask and hand sanitizer though.

So my schedule next week is:
Jun 16 - Luis 1st Day, Grade 3
Jun 17 - Nadya's 1st Day, Grade 1
Jun 19 - Bianca's 1st Day, Kinder 1

Although Bianca is still technically in pre-school, all my kids are now officially in big school (i.e. traffic, traffic and more traffic)...sigh.

Here's a LO of Nadya on her 1st Day last year. I think I just might cry when she dons her checkered yellow and white uniform next week for the 1st time -- the same as I used to wear when I was in Elementary.

Title: Back to Princess School

Journaling: Princess School. That's what I call Nadya's private Catholic girls' school - which also happens to be my Alma Mater! Haha! Talk about irreverence! But what else do you think happens when you put 30+ prima-donna princesses in one room, let alone have a whole school of them??? Nadya started going to Poveda just before she turned 4 yrs. old, as she was reaching the peak of her princess-wanna-be years. Already a girly-girl when she entered, she has become even more so - now with matching facial, voice and body language! I can't even take her picture without a practised pose - usually with her face/body at an angle and an arm or leg raised - ala Marilyn Monroe. I'm sure she doesn't know who Marilyn is, and I'm pretty sure she didn't get it from me - or did she? But never mind, as long as she knows that a princess doesn't always have to be a damsel in distress; that a true princess is someone who is beautiful inside and out - and with a brain to match! Pity the boys who will fall for her, though! Nadya, Kinder 3, June 11, 2008;

Materials: Patterned Papers, Felt Die-cuts, Acrylic Die-Cuts (Fancy Pants); Glitter Chipboard Alpha (American Crafts), Letter Stickers (Basic Grey, Making Memories), Fabric Sticker (7 Gypsies), Ink (Clearsnap), Pen (American Crafts), Stickles, Font: Bradley Hand ITC from the internet

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