Monday, November 2, 2009

The Countdowns Start!

Yup, you read it right! In our home, the Christmas decorations start coming up the moment Halloween is over -- in our case, some of the decor was up even before Halloween was over -- and so have the kids started making their wish lists.

If only what Nadya said was true "It's ok to put expensive toys on the wish list because it's free since it's from Santa!" How can you argue with that kind of logic?

I made a Christmas countdown last year but I sent that out for publication (toot for me!) and I haven't gotten it back (I hope I get it back at all since I haven't gotten any responses to my queries..boohoo).

So just in case it doesn't get back in time, and before I get a headache from my kids asking me several times a day "How many more days 'til Christmas?", I decided to make another one...with a twist, of course.

This time there are 3 countdowns -- to Christmas Day, to our wedding anniversary on Dec 30 (10 years this year!) and to New Year's Day.

Check out Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker adorable Christmas line "North Pole Lights" -- not your traditional Christmas colors, so they are very versatile.

And since I'm starting so early this year, here's hoping my kids willactually stop fighting over who gets to change the numbers on the countdown -- since they have 2 months to do it!

Please forgive the dark pics, I'll have to take more shots in daylight tomorrow!
Update: new photos taken 11-16-2009, in case you start calculating number of days:)


April Joy Lim said...

ria, di na sila magaaway nyan who's going to change the numbers in the countdown kasi 3 countdown na yan so tig-isa sila..hehehe ang makalimot lng lagot hehehe

jonaks said...

super ganda!!! hope you get back your project!!!

chunot76m said...

cute work dear.

katherinemarie said...