Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belated Happy New Year!

Whew what a hectic holidays that was! I'm finally back. I seem to be doing so much apologizing on my blog in the past few weeks....tsk tsk. But this is a new year and I hope to be a much better blogger.
Things were so hectic that I neglected to cross-post my work for Kiki Art and Nikki Sivils last month here on my blog. Super sorry Kiki and Nikki (hey, that even rhymes!).

For Kiki Art we focused on Christmas in our respective countries and I, of course, focused on the Philippines, I made my own parol (star lantern) and a Christmas LO using non-Christmas papers. You can check out my blog post here.

For Nikki's Christmas line North Pole Nights, I made some Christmas decorations, cute cupcake liners a LO and was even inspire to decorate my cakes in these colors. These are all in my blog post here.

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