Thursday, November 9, 2006

Happy Birthday Raya!

Just finished this cake a few minutes ago for Raya's 3rd birthday party (actual bday is Nov 6). She originally wanted a Strawberry Shortcake design but changed her mind at the last minute accdg to Mama Mia. Doing nice lips without the Botox-look is still something that needs more practice -- haha! I hope Princess Raya likes it, anyway!

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Mia said...

Raya loved the cake, Ria! Her face lit up when she peeked inside the box. :D And we all loved eating it. Hehehe! Hay, finished na birthdays this year. Next year na again! Thanks so much! My kids like to challenge you by asking for characters you've never made before no? Nadine's Little Pony and Raya's Snow White. Next year, Nadine daw wants Princess Leia from Star Wars! Good Luck! Hahaha!