Sunday, April 15, 2007

Scrapbytes April 2007 Issue

Finally finished editing and uploading the April 2007 issue of Scrapbytes. Mia is still on leave so the Scrappin' Moms asked me to take-over while she's gone. It was fun to do (as most "firsts" are) but Mia can take it back any time! Haha!

Thanks to all the contributors (Pia & Jeff, Maybs, Nina, Iris, Lee, Joanne, Cabbie, Addie, Liza and Ariel) whose articles I practically shoved down their throats since I was informed about my new role only 2 weeks ago. Reading and editing their articles made me want to stop what I was doing and get back to scrapping.

And just as I was ready to upload everything last night, my dsl connection went loco so I had to ask April to upload it for me. Thankfully, it seems that only the router is causing problems because when I connected directly to my modem this morning, I got connected and was able to finally "publish" it.

I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it and learns something from it because I sure learned a lot from this exercise.

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