Monday, September 3, 2007's Discovery Drive

My feature in's Discovery Drive for the Sept 2007 issue is finally out. I worked on these LOs non-stop over a period of 4 days since they wanted LOs that have never been seen or, at least, taken down from online galleries. I've lost track of some of the LOs I've posted in online galleries so I decided to create new ones. However, I can't post the LOs here until the next issue comes out.

This is what Lindsey had to say:

Welcome to this month’s ride on Discovery Drive. This month, we asked Ria to meet us here and to stop and chat with us. She showed us some of her amazing work. She chose 4 layouts, but in those 4 there is more versatility than in most artists’ entire portfolios. It’s easy to fall in love with the surprises she keeps in every layout she creates; whether it’s hidden journaling, a knack for photos with depth or color that pops right through you, her pages are filled – and I mean filled!! – with delightful eye candy. Thank you, Ria, for stopping by and letting us get to know you; it was a pleasure both in chat and art!

Versatile -- maybe that's the closest word to describe my style -- which can go any which way, depending on my mood. Thanks Lindsey for this great opportunity!

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C70 said...

LOVE, love, love all those fabulous pages, RIA! Thanks for all the inspiration!