Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birthday Pics

Had a good day yesterday. Went to mass at 6:30am with Bud and Bianca. Bud already gave me my birthday present when he arrived Monday night -- a new phone to replace the one that was stolen 2 months ago.

Chatted with my sister in NY and found out that she's sending a box in 2 weeks and it isn't full yet -- so I called Bud and told him I was going online shopping!

Which was a good thing because my Coloriser Heat Gun died on me as I was doing my Bad Girls LO so I couldn't do any heat embossing.

The kids decorated a cake for me but we forgot to sing Happy Birthday, so we did that this afternoon.

They put 36 instead of my real age, but that's ok. Haha.

Took the kids to McDonald's for an early dinner since Bud and I went out for dinner last night.

Kudos to my hubby for doing his research and found the city's best-kept secret -- Lemuria at The Winery in Horseshoe Village. To think I never even heard about it!

He had my flowers delivered to the resto and it was waiting for me when we got there.

The foie gras they served was so huge I don't think I'll be craving that for at least a year (unless I'm at Antonio's where they serve the best foie gras salad)! Had to switch entrees with Bud cos I couldn't stomach the thought of eating Angus beef after that huge piece of duck (or is it goose?) liver. I still barely ate half of the Dover sole that Bud had ordered.

For dessert, I had the Vahlrona Chocolate Souffle cake with Pistachio ice cream and Bud had an Orange Rum cake (of course it had a much fancier name that I can't remember).

We went straight home after dinner, took pics of my flowers and called it a night!

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C70 said...

Happy birthday again! Looks like you had a fun time! :)