Monday, October 8, 2007

Scrapfest 4

We are just beginning to absorb everything that happened at the 4th Scrapfest last Saturday.

I have always been involved with preparations for the past Scrapfests but always as a volunteer who had nothing at stake. This time I was in it as part of the Scrappin' Moms so there was more for me at stake -- mostly just pride though -- haha!

Never mind that we didn't expect to make any money (so what else is new?), we only wanted enough ticket sales to cover the cost without us having to dip into our own pockets!

The goal of Scrapfest always has been to bring together scrapbookers and suppliers under one roof for a day of fun, shopping and learning. With our fast-growing community of scrapbookers and learnings from the 3 previous Scrapfests, this was not an easy feat.

I have to give credit where credit is due and majority of the work was done by our prime-movers April and Joanne. Joanne used her gift of gab to source sponsors and April did practically everything else -- shopping for the kits, design and printing of tickets, venue arrangements, all the way down to the personalized bag tags that we didn't even know she was doing until we had to help her cut them up a mere 30 minutes before the event began!

My contribution to this event is limited to the following:

suggesting the venue -- ok, people from the South you can stone me now -- but you have to admit, except for the distance, it's a great venue that solves all issues of previous Scrapfests regarding the food, sound system, table arrangement, lighting, etc!

deciding on our outfit color -- you will not believe how many emails went back and forth on this topic alone until I stepped in and suggested fuschia pink as the Scrappin' Moms color, versus apple green or black which are the other colors in our logo. I wanted to take it back when we found out that fuschia is a summer color and we all had great difficulty looking for our tops -- but looking at these pictures, I think we can now also answer to the name Pink Ladies!

suggesting the menu -- April could have done this herself but she just wanted to have someone 2nd the motion

demo sample and instructions -- I wish I can say that this was so very hard to do but all of this was done within a day.

kit compilation - since this was held in my house, I put together the KI Memories papers that Scrapbukan donated before anybody else arrived for the meeting. I also brought the kits to the venue the night before -- 2 balikbayan boxes worth of kits.

venue set-up & streamers -- my claim to fame are those fuschia and apple green banners on the ceiling -- haha! I was measuring the suppliers' booths the night before and saw a kiddie party being set-up for the next day in the room next door. They had fuschia and apple green streamers which were exactly our colors so I went to the Reservations girl and asked if they had more for our room -- which they did.

demo instructor -- ok, this one we can consider real work but the people in my group all knew what to do, I was basically there just to clean up the stamps after they used them!

tabulator and host for the Scrapfest Challenge -- some real work again but this was nothing compared to the Idol Challenge that Pia handled.

Here's the demo sample that I made for the Scrapfest. The main objective here was to be able to finish a mini album during the Scrapfest with enough techniques that newbie and advanced scrappers can use.

Stamping on Transparency - Stamping on Fabric -
Stamping with Ordinary Items -
Wire and Bead Craft -
Doodling and Doodled Paper Flower -

Congratulations to all the challenge winners!
Cabbie - the 1st-ever Scrappin' Moms Idol
Bjay - 1st place in the advanced category
Candy - 1st place in the regular category
Jeannie - Del Monte challenge
Timi - MLA & Scrapbooks-Hawaii card challenge

Thank you again and we hope to see you all in May 2008 for Scrapfest 5!


scrapgurl said...

wow i so wanted to come to this event! but i only found out about it at Iris' blog a week before the event so i wasn't able to come. now i'm sad even more that the next event will be in may 2008! i hope i'm still in the country by that time.

congratulations for the success of scrapfest 4!!!

Ria M. Mojica said...

Here's the link to the Iris blinkie: