Monday, June 16, 2008

All Is Quiet Now

Today, all 3 kids are finally back in school. The house is eerily quiet.

Nadya's classes began last week on June 11, Bianca on June 12 and Luis started today.

I took all of them all the way to their classrooms on their 1st day of school, with camera in tow, of course -- and stayed until the teachers sent us out. I wonder when Luis will stop letting me take him to the classroom on his 1st day of school?

Luis was a little anxious today since we finally decided to let him try out being in the Advanced Class. He was supposed to be there since last year, but we just didn't want the added pressure. Besides, he said he'd rather be with the "boys who don't know the answer"...haha! But they put us back this year, so we'll see. He's the only "new" kid in the class, although he already knows several classmates from previous years. He has the same class adviser from Kinder 1, so that might help ease some of his anxiety.

Nadya and Bianca were good to go the moment they stepped out of the car. No more crying fits -- sigh! -- no more babies. Here are some 1st day of school pics:

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Mia Castrillo said...

Grabe! Your kids are so big na! :-)