Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meal Planner

I think that one of the most difficult jobs for a SAHM, or any mom, for that matter, is planning what to have for dinner, that adults (my husband and I) and the kids will both like. And if only my kids all like the same stuff, because they don't.

We already have a short-list of "hits" that includes sukiyaki, fish and chips, Salisbury steak, lumpiang Shanghai, Chinese sausage pasta and, of course, fried chicken -- but that's about it.

For most other dishes we end up either having a kid-friendly version (set aside the kids' portion before adding the spicy stuff) or at least 2 entrees so everyone has something to eat.

I used to do my menus a month in advance and typing them up in my pc but that took so much time, and when I discovered scrapbooking, that just flew out the door because I found something better to do.

The fact that I'm also an avid collector of recipe books, didn't help much because, half the time, I spent salivating just reading the recipe, that I ended up taking so much time to finish my menu.

This stamp set from Absolument Scrap inspired me to try again but this time with a simple notebook -- which presumably I can take around so I can plan my meals wherever I go...yeah right!

I used scrap Fancy Pants papers to cover the notebook. For the stamped images, I played around with some alcohol inks on glossy photo paper before stamping the images and cutting them out.


Mia Castrillo said...

I think I need this too! Hahaha! Need to think of new and fun ways to serve dinner that everyone enjoys. :-) Maybe a notebook like this can help. Teeheehee!

Haley said...

It's a lovely book specially for them who are on diet. Would also like to know about your recipe books collection.

LaurieStar said...

This too, is my biggest problem every night - trying to find something to cook for everyone that is healthy that they will eat. I've made a list and now I'm going to try to get them into a book. I thought I"d use my new Zutter binder to make a book. Love your version here!