Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not Quite The Star Athlete

Did this LO a few weeks ago. Luis has tried a lot of different sports already -- soccer, swimming, basketball, karate, tennis, and even, archery. Unfortunately, none of these seem to be "his thing" as seen from the way he plays. Bud says he plays decent tennis, though, but tires after 30 minutes.

But nevertheless, he enjoyed attending his classes and never really complained about them. He just kept on going for the sheer fun of being able to play -- and that, I think, is important, too. He's learning that he doesn't always have to win to have fun.

These photos were taken last summer at his basketball clinic. He didn't want to do basketball, but it's almost a sin to grow up in the Philippines and not play basketball where there's a "ring" practically in every street corner. So we agreed that if he took basketball I'd let him take archery, and so he did both.

But as he gets older and other kids his age are becoming more competitive, we'll just have to try harder and look for "his sport" -- now he says he wants to try fencing. I just want him to find a sport that he likes so it would be easier to stay fit and healthy, and gain self-confidence. So he doesn't end up like me, having to drag myself to the gym just to keep fit.

Title: Not Quite The Star Athlete

Materials: Fancy Pants paper; American Crafts vinyl letters and Slick Writer; Making Memories Tiny Alphas; Maya Road Sheers Journaling spot; misc white cardstock;

Journaling: I don't know if you will ever be a star athlete. But as long as you try your best and have fun, you will be a winner! Luis, summer '08


TiteC said...

I love this LO and the way you "followed" the pattern on the paper...

(and at least... your boy is courageous... he tries !!! lol I never really tried to have "my sport"... except volley ball but I haven't played in years)

congrats on this LO I really love it

xxx from France

Mia Castrillo said...

Hi Ria! I like how you used the paper. Didn't need much of embellishment anymore. And the pictures really match. :-) Great job!

Moon said...

wow wath a colors love this
Hugs Moon

~Sasha Farina~ said...

lovin' the bright colors here Ria!

jules said...

HI Ria great LO I just got your blog site from Scrapping Outback great to see you have joined in on the challenge should be very exciting..You should introduce yourself over at the Scrapping Outback forum we are a very friendly bunch over there and love to chat and would like to meet you.
Hopefully I will catch up with you there Jules.