Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Job, Nadya!

I knew it... the moment I decided not to go back in the house to get my camera, that something picture-worthy would come up!
We went to the club for a swim yesterday afternoon and for the 1st time, Nadya came up to me and said that she really wanted to go on the diving board...but she was scared.
After some encouraging words from mommy, she finally lined up at the diving board as I watched her from the opposite end of the pool...which was a good thing because she checked a few times to make sure I was watching.

When her turn came, it was just like I read in books or saw in the movies...she walked down the board with much trepidation, she kept looking back half-hoping she won't have to do it, and walked oh, so slowly, I was worried the other kids in line would scream at her to hurry up...but they didn't.

She stood at the edge of the board for almost a minute before she finally jumped in...legs splayed and all...not much different from a frog...but SHE JUMPED!

As she surfaced, I could imagine the huge grin on her face (it's an olympic size pool so I couldn't really see), and saw her get out of the pool and fall in line again at the diving board.

I almost cried....almost, but I stopped myself. Give me a break, it's a miracle that I didn't line up with her to hold her hand as she walked down the plank...I mean board. I'm so proud of you, princess!

So, since I don't have a photo of that moment, here's another LO featuring Nadya..and you do know, we're going to have to do a re-enactment for my camera, don't you?

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rissa said...

Priceless moment!!! Congratulations Nadya!!! :)
Thanks for sharing.