Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just The Way I Like It

I made this LO for Kiki-Art. This paper from the Amor line is so vibrant and colorful that it needs very little embellishment. I titled it as such because this is the way I like my kids to be -- happy, smiling and NO FIGHTING!
It seems to me that this summer is already too long, having to listen to Luis and Nadya argue over anything and everything, several times a day --- and we still have over a month to go!!! They're driving me nuts...but as Luis said, it's a good thing I like nuts...smart kid he is.
This photo was taken in Canyon Woods with the view of Taal Volcano in the background.

Also, please come back here for the Kiki Art Blog Hop for National Scrapbooking Day from April 29-May 3 for some great give-aways!

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