Friday, September 10, 2010

Havin' a Good Time

Here's a LO of Luis taken last summer. I love these pics because it tells me that even if, as he says, he is almost as tall as me...he really still is a kid...especially when his friends are not around.

This swing he was on was for little kids, and was so close to the ground his Crocs were scrapping the sand and his feet could barely get off the ground...but he enjoyed the ride just the same.  I just bet that if any of his friends were there, he wouldn't even get near it just because it isn't cool.

Title: Havin' a Berry Good Time
Materials: Cardstock - Wassau (white), DCWV (yellow, red); Patterned papers, buttons & stickers - Nikki Sivils Blueberry Hill; Transparency - Hambly; Pens - American Crafts (black & white), Zig (green); Font : Apple Casual
Journaling: Luis didn't care that the swing was too small for him. All that mattered was that he was having fun. April 2010

Luis is my eldest and turns 10 yrs old in a few weeks...I can barely remember my life before I became a mom.  I know I was happy...after all, I had a job that I loved (and loved me back) and had married my Prince Charming.  But being a mom gave me so much more, that giving up my dream job to be here for my kids was a no-brainer.

Oh, definitely there are times when I wish I was back at work --- mostly when I want to blow away cash the way I used to...but most days, I just wake up thinking I'm the luckiest girl on earth! And if that isn't luck in itself, I don't know what is.

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LG said...

Love this double pager Ria. You captured such a precious moment.