Monday, September 13, 2010

What My Kids Think of Me

For my DT Introduction at Pebbles, I had to create an "About Me" LO. To give it a twist, I used a questionnaire from an old issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine and asked my kids to answer a few questions.
It was fun to hear what the kids thought of I know I need to be a funnier mom. You see, in our family, Buddy (Daddy) is the funny one -- which is why when he is serious about something, the kids don't realize it until he's really really mad. 
And just to put things in perspective, I interviewed them just as Luis had finished his exams and Nadya was in the middle of exam week --- thus the answer about me doing reviewers all the time -- believe me, I'd rather be scrapping!
But it's nice to know that my kids are the biggest fans of my scrapbooking...they better be since they are my subjects...LOL!
I fell in love with Pebbles' Tree House collection as soon as I saw it...I love the bright happy colors!!!  So try interviewing your kids the next time you create a LO and see what unexpected answers you'll get, too!

Title: What My Kids Think of Me
     What’s the funniest thing I do?
          - Luis: I don’t know
          - Nadya: I don’t know…
          - Bianca: none
     What’s my favorite thing to do?
          - Luis:
          - Nadya: Caring for us
          - Bianca: working on computer

     What do I do when you’re at school each day?
          - Luis: make reviewers
          - Nadya: Make my reviewers or scrapbook or 
          - Bianca: work at the house…Facebook
     What makes me laugh?
          - Luis: when we do weird things
          - Nadya: When we say something funny or when I make long burps
          - Bianca: me
     Am I a better driver than Daddy?
          - Luis: Maybe
          - Nadya: Yeah
          - Bianca: Yes!
     What should I be famous for?
          - Luis:
          - Nadya:
          - Bianca:

Pebbles supplies used: Tree House Merriment (751028), Tree House Melody (751030), Tree House Sunset (751029), Tree House Neighbors (751031), Tree House Journal Stickers (732011), Tree House Pebbles Chips (744114), Tree House Epoxy Brads (747231), Chirpy Glitter ABC Stickers (732008), Candy Dots Red (744203), Red Spool Ribbon (744029)

Other supplies used: 
Cardstock (American Crafts), Punches (Fiskars), Pen (American Crafts)


LG said...

Love this layout. I can't wait to ask this questions to hannah. Their answers are so cute

Benga said...

great page Ria, love the concept and the lovely colors you used and of course the kids answers are so cute and funny :)

April Joy Lim said...

i like bianca's answer on what makes you laugh...sooo true!

jacque4u2c said...

This is just adorable! I just love kids and their responses to things! Great layout!!!!!!!!

Kathy Martin said...

Super page!