Saturday, December 9, 2006

For This I am Thankful

Following a thread started by Joanne on what we are thankful for, I made this LO the other day for Scrapbukan.

I shortened the journaling to fit into the blocks but here's the original version:
What I am Thankful For This Year
•A healthy family – nothing that a little antibiotic can’t cure
•Generally well-behaved children – nothing that a time-out or 2 can’t control
•Buddy’s job – although it takes him away a few days a month, it allows us to live the life we do
•A house that we own - almost! Soon we’ll have to scout for a bigger option ‘cos children just don’t grow smaller!
•A scraproom of my own – my haven, my hideaway
•Two hobbies, scrapbooking and cake decorating, that give me a sense of achievement – if only the money was as good as if I was working
•Good friends to share my passion for scrapbooking with
•My computer and dsl connection – my lifeline to the outside world – I can stay home for several days as long as I have an internet connection!
•A husband who tells me he loves me everyday
•A generous husband who got me everything I’ve ever asked for this year – Canon 350D, zoom lens, external flash, iPod video
•Children who tell me I’m the best mom in the world
•Smart children – tutoring is not one of my favorite activities so it’s a real blessing that they need minimal supervision
•Children who are too cute for their own good – kills my photo developing budget each time!
•I got my body back – yes it took a lot of hard work (it still does) and major hunger pangs but that’s the price to pay for vanity
•My yaya angels – they’ve been with me for years and are so well-trained that my friends want to pirate them – plus they love my kids to boot!
•The greatest sisters who patiently pack-up my scrap shopping to send to me – without them my scraproom would be empty
•The Scrapbooks-Exchange group – who are always ready with their kind words even if they don’t know me – their comments always make my day!
•Sahrie – for believing in my talent and taking me into her Design Team
•My Lola Lydia who for some unknown reason started giving me a weekly allowance again last year (she stopped after I started working years ago) – wonder what she’d do if she found out that the money went to scrap shopping?
•My mom – I am what I am because of her too
•The best in-laws who do not tell us how to live our lives – maybe because they live 30,000 miles away
•A supportive husband who just closes his eyes when I tell him I’m broke!

Materials Used: KI Memories Devoted papers, LD Glitter Glaze, LD Glitter rub-ons, chalk ink, misc jewels, Sakura Aqualip, misc fiber, eyelets; Tools: Sizzlits Script, Sizzix Photo Corners, Technique Tuesday stamp, Grafix transparency

Instructions for the LO:


aireescreates said...

Hi Ria!
I sooo love your layout! You really are one blessed person. Your layout reminds all of us to be thankful for what we have been blessed.
God bless.

Liza said...

Ria, I love how you were able to fit all those photos in your layout, including your shortened journal. A lot to be thankful for, for your family. Thanks for sharing.