Monday, December 18, 2006

So now it can be said...

I'm in the Basic Grey December Newsletter!!!

When I received this email from Amy Howe asking me to participate in the December Newsletter, I wanted to jump and scream. But I was alone in my scrap room and my kids might think I've gone crazy. It's the closest thing I've come to being published -- and the 1st time I'm getting paid to do a LO!

From: Amy Howe
To: Work Email
Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2006 7:31:41 AM
Subject: BasicGrey newsletter participation!


I am currently looking for three designers to participate in the December BasicGrey sketch column. You three came to mind and I would love if you could participate! If you cannot, I would love any referrals! :)

Guidelines are as follows:
• Layouts preferrably should be 12x12 and use all BasicGrey papers and a limited number of embellishments from outside manufacturers.
• Scans are due by Tuesday, I need the layouts in my hands by the 30th (Thursday). If that's not possible (i.e. - if you are not in N. America), a GOOD straight-on high resolution photo or near-perfect high-resolution scan will work. Either way, the deadline is the 30th. :)
• Compensation is $35 paid via PayPal or printed check.
• Feel free to use creative freedom with the sketch - don't let it limit your creativity!

Please let me know by the end of tomorrow if you can participate, otherwise I will assume not and assign elsewhere.

Thank you all so much!

Amy Howe
Director of Design & Display
BasicGrey, LLC
1343 Flint Meadow Drive, #6
Kaysville, Utah 84037

I wanted to tell someone but at the same time wanted it to be a surprise for my scrapping friends, so I decided to only tell Buddy about it. Bad decision. I told Buddy that night about the email and his reply was "So where will you send the check?" much for my uber-supportive hubby.

Since I didn't get the reply I needed from Bud, I had to tell some of my scrapping friends under an oath of secrecy, who gave me my much needed shouts and screams of excitement!

I finished the LO by November 29 and sent it to Amy. I wasn't too happy with it cos I felt the colors were too "blah" and the LO turned out too simple -- I think I could've done better. Even now I'm tempted to send in another LO following the sketch to make up for it -- haha!

The check arrived at my MIL's home last week and I was about to ask her to deposit it when I realized that this is one scrap moment that I can't pass on. So I asked my MIL to mail it to my sister who is leaving tomorrow and arriving on Thursday. So I can see (and smell...haha) and take a good scan of my first check!

And today the December Newsletter finally arrived in my inbox. I was worried that Amy might find my Lo too simple and decide not to use it despite sending the check...but it's there...I'm so happy!

Here's the LO :

Title: Last But Not Least

You got the twice-used crib and the hand-me-down clothes, the scratched baby bottles and toys with missing parts. One would think you'd make our life difficult for all of that, but are the most beautiful, adorable and unfussy baby we've ever had! Is it possible God saved the best for last? Bianca Jan 2006

BG Products: Lily Kate papers - rain, parasol, vanilla, wisteria, chenille; Paisley rub-ons
Others: HS chipboard letters, LD glitter glaze, metallic paint, glitter rub-ons; MM jewels, Colorbox chalk ink; lace, thread


Mia said...

Congrats Ria! It's a beautiful layout --- not at all simple! I've always admired your work and knew that it won't be long for you to be recognized for your talent and ingenuity. What an honor it is! We are so proud of you!

Olive said...

congratulations ria! your LOs are truly inspiring and always a pleasure to look at. thanks for always sharing them with us. you deserve it.

geng said...

Congratulations Ria! We are so proud of you. Alam mo naman, you are one of those I look up to when it comes to scrapbooking. Way to go!