Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It was good but...

...he liked this picture better for the play of light and shadows, and that it shows more of Luis' room.

But that's OK 'cos I liked this picture, too. I just prefer the one with Luis smiling at the camera.

No homework for Thursday but an open theme photo for next Tuesday -- which makes everything even harder.

Now I have to figure out what to take a photo of because the 1st 3 people to enter the door on Tuesday will have their photo printed on poster-size canvas!!! Maybe I should be there by 12nn, to be sure.


juls said...

hi ria,

i agree with you, i like your first choice better than this one kasi naka-focus kay luis. siguro ganito view natin kasi we're scrapbooker. we would prefer na focus ng pic eh yung subject.


Jeff & Pia said...

Hi Ria!

Kay Jo Avila yata ako mag-agree .. naka-smile naman si Luis eh. For a change naman, scrap photos na di nakatingin si Luis... maiba lang ba hehehe.