Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Photography Class Homework #2

I have my 3rd class tonight with Jo Avila. Last Thursday's homework was to do an "environmental portrait" -- not a nature scene, but with one with the subject in his environment, so that you learn about who the person is just by looking at the photo.

This is what I will submit tonight. This pic has not been editted in any way except to save it as a jpeg file, from the original RAW file. I took this pic of Luis this morning in his room. I asked him to sit on his bed with legs crossed and pulled up the blinds. I can only take the pic in the morning because his room is quite dark and the lighting is best at this time.

I love my 50mm lens! I think the composition is ok, except that his left hand got cut-off cos he was moving around too much. The poster in the background also is a bit too blurry for my taste but that was all Luis was going to give me this morning.

But I think it's pretty clear just by looking at the picture that Luis is a boy who is crazy about cars, right??? He's wearing race car pajamas, with a ragged Hotwheels poster on the wall behind him, a race car stuffed toy. His left hand is actually holding a car and even his bedsheets are from Cars-the movie.

Wish me luck!

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