Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soccer Dude Scores!

This one I totally didn't expect, since I've had this LO for a while, and it's the only time I used Karen Foster paper. I saw the Karen Foster contest in A Cherry On Top and just uploaded it for the heck of it.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this message in my inbox:

To: ria_mojica
From: Janet
Subject: Gift Certificate for you ...
Date Sent: 6/22/07 8:04 am

You have received a A Cherry On Top, Scrapbook Shoppe Gift Certificate!

Please don't delete this message, you'll need the code below when you place your order.

Gift Certificate From: A Cherry On Top, Scrapbook Shoppe
Gift Certificate To: Ria
Special Message: Karen Foster Contest
Gift Certificate Amount: 25.00

Yippee!!! Only problem is, since I won this, I can't join another contest until July 18 -- and I made 2 LOs for the Daisy Bucket and Junkitz contests pa naman. Oh well, the next contest I' eligible for is Imagination Project. I wonder which LO I'll upload for this one?


Anna said...

Hi Ria!

I found your blog through the Scrapbukan site that Pia Lopez sent me. Oh my goodness, your work is awesome and inspiring in many many ways! And you are my hero because you make fabulous cakes too!! Congratulations on all the contest winnings -- I was reading your blog and I didn't realize how much success you've had with all the contests. That's wonderful! That should inspire me to start entering contests(pero I'm so tamad, kase...).

I'm originally from the Philippines but I live in Canada now. It's so great that scrapbooking is becoming big in the Philippines -- there's so much talent back home! I'm so proud :)

take care and I'll be sure to check your blog regularly!

Anna Zalamea

Ria Mojica said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for all your kind words! I have a neighbor whose maiden name is Zalamea -- do you know Marilou?

Anna said...

My maiden name is Cruz, but I'll ask my DH if he knows her.