Sunday, August 5, 2007

I got 5th Place!

For some unknown reason, my Still Life entry in our FPPF class photography contest won 5th place! Looks like I've learned something after all and those 5 Sundays that were spent away from my family weren't for naught.

Sayang nga they didn't specify in any of our previous sessions, that the subject has to be looking at the camera in a Portrait, or I would've entered another photo. Oh well.

I was looking for something to take a photo of when I looked at my scrap table and saw the remaining Jenny Bowlin papers from the "Mommy's Girls" LO. I moved around the furniture in my bedroom to maximize the window light and this is what I got.

Iris got 4th place in the Portrait Contest and Phylline got 10th place in the Still Life Contest. Too bad Jeff & Pia weren't there cos they would've won, for sure! 1st Place for both contests went to our F8 group-mate Jaime.

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