Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Scenic Route July Challenge

Started up my pc this morning and Iris buzzed me with 2 pieces of good news -- one for her and one for me. Well, it's not for me to say what her piece of good news is (and, should I say, it is every scrapper's dream come true!), but mine is that I won in Scenic Route's July Challenge -- woohoo!

I actually entered Sweet N Sassy in Scenic Route's May Challenge of Arrows but it didn't get chosen that time. Looks like they decided it wasn't so bad after all...yipee!

For my prize, I get to choose between the new Sumner or Ashville collections -- tough decision that one. But since the only time we get the Fall colors over here in the Philippines is during sunset at Manila Bay, I opted for the Sumner collection.

This is one of my fave LOs because I love the happy vibe that the pink-orange combo give out! Plus Nadya has a killer smile, when she's in the mood, so you can't help but smile too, when you see this LO!

Today is going to be another happy day...


Anna Zalamea said...

Yay Ria!! Congrats again!!! How nice that Scenic Route picked up an entry that you submitted before. Did you re-send that layout in July for their July contest, or did Scenic Route just select it from your May entry?

Ria Mojica said...

I re-sent it for the July Contest. Weird, huh?

But that's what happened with Iris' winning entry last June, she actually entered that for the April contest and then re-sent it for the June contest where it won.

Just proves that you never really know what they're looking for...and that there's no harm in trying again and again and again:)