Saturday, August 16, 2008

3 Nights in Bangkok!

My mom treated my SIL Dinah and myself to a trip to Bangkok last week-end for some retail and food therapy. However, Dinah and I committed a cardinal sin when we both decided not to bring a camera -- we each thought that the other would bring one and wanted to save luggage space for more important things -- like clothes!

So when we went on our half-day city tour, we had to make-do with my phone camera. Bangkok is indeed a shopping haven -- and I thought no other place can be cheaper than Manila!

We bought food off street carts -- whatever took our fancy -- and had a food orgy every evening in our hotel room! I so need to get serious with my dieting, I haven't gotten on a scale since we got back! Here are some pics from our trip last week-end.


Olive said...

hi ria...not bad for a camera phone.

Anonymous said...

bongga yung pagkaka-yapos mo dun sa isang god, ah... :)

juliet said...

hi ria,

ganda rin ng shots though taken from a camera phone. buti na lang nauso eto noh? ako nga mas mataas pa ang resolution ng camera phone ko than my jurrasic point and shoot camera! LOL!

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