Friday, August 1, 2008

Daisy Ds Flower Cupcakes

I entered this project in the Daisy Ds July Party Decorations Challenge and it won 2nd place! Yehey!

These were really simple and easy to do. I used the Sizzix Hydrangea die to cut out the flowers from different patterned papers, assembled the flowers, outlined with a black pen, attached a toothpick at the back and stuck them into some cupcakes. Easy as pie...ummm, I mean, cupcakes!

Thanks Daisy Ds!


Christine said...

Congrats Ria!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

That is very cute!! thanks for the congrats Ria!

SnazzyJazzie said...

Congratulations, Ria. Just to let you know that i have nominated you as the recipient of the "creative blogger" award. You could chk it out at my blog at
Can;t wait to see more of your masterpieces!

Alby said...

Congrats Ria! Love what you did here. Great idea!

jakey said...

cor... yummy looking cakes! I love al the gorgeous colourful stuff you have going on - a lovely place to visit!

jk x