Saturday, October 3, 2009

Doing our little bit...

I wanted to teach the kids a lesson about sharing so last Wednesday, after my gym class, I headed to Makro (our version of Costco) and got some items to make relief packs for Typhoon Ondoy victims. I also invited some friends and their kids to come the next day to help out in packing.

Luis was very excited when he saw the car loaded with stuff for repacking and even helped bring some of the boxes into the house. He even took the initative of making signs to indicate where everything was and assigned duties for those who were coming.

Those who came to help were Sam (who was celebrating his birthday that day) and Roxanne, Cole and Kensie and Aerol, plus Lilian and Maget and my kids Luis, Nadya and Bianca. Together we made 50 relief packs -- 1 of which went to our driver whose house was flooded, 15 went to the maintenance people in Bud's office and the rest went to the factory workers of Bud's friend whose export factory and inventory (including finished goods awaiting shipment worth $100,000) were all wiped out.

This is not much, I know, as everyday, we hear more stories about people we know who need help, but it's a start.

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Ems said...

what an inspiration and t a good way to teach our kids value of sharing! Sayang, gaby wasn't able to join ;o(