Monday, October 12, 2009

Kiki-Art Toot!

Yipeeee! I made it to the Kiki-Art Design Team! Kiki-Art is a a new scrapbook manufacturer, based in Canada, that debuted at the recent CHA. It is different because having a multi-cultural perspective is a fundamental part of their existence.

It was named Best New Company for the Summer 2009 CHA by because what they are offering is very different than anything else on the market right now. They are the first trilingual scrapbooking company, but their lines aren't only themed in French, English and Spanish.

It's 1st design team is a huge group divided into 4 categories (combining languages, cultures and countries):

Francophone team
- Nathalie Gregoire - QC, Canada
- Annie Legace - QC, Canada
- Annie Carignan - QC, Canada
- Sylvie Sabourin - QC, Canada
- Kim Brouillette - QC, Canada
- Fabienne Delvaux - QC, Canada
- JJ Sobey - QC, Canada
- Cathia Leblanc - QC, Canada
- Melissa Mercier - QC, Canada

Allophone team
- Vivi Rahman - Brunei
- Ria Van Son - Netherlands
- Ann-Katrin - Norway
- Ria Mojica - Philippines
- Sophia Allison - South Africa
- Annika - Sweden

Anglophone team
- Michelle Galatuik - AB, Canada
- Kim Toms - QLD, Australia
- Megan Epperly - FL, USA
-Keely Yowler - KY, USA
- Sarah de Guzman - CA, USA
- Nicole Rixon - CA, USA
- Carole Stirrat WA, USA
- Lynda Lindley - WA, USA
- Katrina Hunt - MO, USA
- Ellen Sosnoski - PA, USA
- Nicole Renee Martin - OK, USA

Hispanophone team
- Lida Garcia - Mexico
- Al Marie Campana - FL, USA
- Magdalena Vazquez - Peru

I did some research on the word allophone - from Wikipedia:

In Quebec, an allophone is a resident, usually an immigrant, whose mother tongue
or home language is neither English nor French. The term is also sometimes used
in other parts of Canada. The term parallels Anglophone and Francophone, which
designate people whose mother tongues are English and French, respectively.

I'm so excited because Kiki (Arantza) is particularly interested in adding our local flavor into the mix (she's actually been to the Philippines!). I'm also looking forward to practising some of my rusty Spanish! I can't wait to start playing with their bright and colorful products!


sarah said...

congrats ria!!! from one filipina to another, i'm so glad we are on this team together representing our culture! :)

hugs to you,

Vivi said...

Congratzz Ria!! You deserved the spot anyway considering you are ubberific scrapper!! big fan of your work!


ps: thanks for defining the Allophone term hihihi..

geng said...

Congratulations for another DT work!! surely will find more and more inspirations from you...

Ems said...

Congrats Ria! This is exciting! ;o)

chunot76m said...

congrats dear. this is awesome