Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Nadya!

Belated, actually. Been so busy this week preparing for Nadya's party last Friday. The photos on the tarp are by Blow-Up Babies taken last Nov '06.

I made this Disney Princess castle cake for her. I saw a kit on the net and tried to create it from scratch.
The bottom layer is a real 14" chocolate cake while the top layer is styropore. I printed the princesses on a transparency.

We also had a scrapbooking activity and prepared 50+ kits for her guests -- whew! The 6-7 year olds did ok on their own, but all that the 4-5 yr old kids did was to push their yayas and/or parents to work faster so that they can get a prize! Haha!

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janujennifer said...

belated happy birthday, nadya! and ria, congrats again. i heard about the acot thing. i am happy for you.