Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tagged Again!

Jen just tagged me.
1. Food you hate - I'll probably eat anything as long as it's not dog or cat. Can't think of anything I hate right now.
2. Fruits you hate - How can you hate fruit? I'm not crazy about all fruits but I can't say I hate any fruit either.
3. Veggies that you hate - I guess it's obvious that I'll eat anything -- I'm not crazy about okra but I'll eat it in sinigang ang pinakbet.
4. Celebrities or people that you hate - Maybe I'm just not the type of person who "hates" anything or anybody -- leave them alone and do your own thing, is what I say.
5. Event/Incident/Situation that you hate - I don't hate this either but I don't like being put on the spot and going to parties where I don't know anyone because I'm on the shy side -- I'm just not cut-out to go for the Ms. Friendship award.
6. TV shows or movies that you hate - those trashy US talk shows where they make couples fight and scream bloody murder
7. Type of music that you hate - no heavy metal rock for me
8. Household chore that you hate - Cleaning the bathroom and washing the dishes! Actually, anything related to cleaning, period -- except my scraproom where I need to know where everything is.
9. Things you hate about the world - discrimination, injustice
10. Things you hate about yourself - I don't hate anything about myself although there are things I can improve on -- like cleanliness...haha

Yikes, this makes me look like such a boring person...hehe. Now I tag Pia, Iris, Liza, April, Mia Castrillo, Lee.

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