Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Blessings

I can't wait to get my hands on my December kit from Scrap'N Supply Shack called Christmas Blessings.

My home and my kids have been on Christmas-mode since the 1st week of November, when we came home from our vacation to a house that was almost fully decorated -- except for the tree, which I asked my yaya angels to leave bare so the kids can help decorate it.

We had a tree-decorating session 2 Fridays ago but it's not yet totally done since I decided that I was tired of my 2-yr-old red ribbons. I only got the new ribbons last Friday so hopefully I find time to put them up this week.

And 2 Sundays ago, my cousin Monchu Lucero, a budding photographer, was kind enough to shoot our Christmas pictorial for free. Apparently, it was his 1st time to do a live shoot with live kids (his previous shoots were inanimate objects).

I guess it's a good thing my kids are his favorite nephew and nieces or I'm thinking he might have walked out with all the ruckus my kids make. He said it was good practice and strengthened his resolve to not get into event photography -- haha! And all I had to do in return was to feed him afterwards. I had to promise though not to take undue advantage of him and to just ask him to do this for me once a year.

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