Sunday, November 2, 2008

Featured in Scrapbook and Cards Today blog

My LO "Too Old Too Soon" was featured in the Scrapbook and Cards Today blog last Oct 30 -- you can check it out here. I don't even remember submitting it to them (that's how many LOs I submit, I guess) and got an email about 2 weeks ago requesting for permission to put it on their blog.

And to finish-off the Halloween season, here are a few pics from our Halloween at HK Disneyland! I know these official Disney pics cost an arm and a leg but I had to get them because I don't think we'll do Halloween in Disney ever again (and dress-up for the occasion, too)!

Luis is back into costume mode -- thanks to the Clone Wars Animated Movie. But, true to form, he never goes for the lead roles -- always happy to be in a supporting role like that of a Clone Trooper.

Nadya finally wore her Princess Aurora "itchy" dress with a camisole underneath.

Bianca borrowed Nadya's old Princess Jasmine costume as hers already ripped (and mommy thought she was getting a good deal with the cheaper version).

Bud donned his Christmas Elvis costume once more -- it was a good thing too since it was dark and smoky in the park, it was easy to see where the bright red satin guy was going.

I wore a black velvet gown that I bought and wore over 10 years ago (hurray for my diet -- I can fit into my pre-mommy clothes!) and a velvet witch hat -- but since the kids didn't want me to wear scary make-up, I'll just be the Good Black Witch, instead.


Cookie Aguilar said...

wow ria!!! i saw it!! galing!!! i really like your LO!!! it was able to shocase so many pics of your son!! galing!

peata said...

wow. congrats.
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bjay said...

looked like you had a lot of fun! bud is really so cool getting into performance level ala-Elvis :)