Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congrats Ems!

Congratulations to Ems Fronda for winning my Birthday Challenge!!!

Her LO "Fit & Fab before 40" received the highest total points from our distinguished panel of judges (Candy, Lee, Dinah, Mia and April). Ems' LO appealed to the judges on different levels, but most particularly because of the striking color combination and design elements -- and the fact that they can empathize with her goal! Congrats Ems and I hope you make good use of the next 4 years to reach your goal -- it can be done, you know!

For her winning entry, Ems will receive these fabulous (if I may say so myself) prizes!

I'd like to thank the other 6 ladies who joined my challenge -- Jona, Berna, Jeanie, Issa, Ching and Barbie. Thank you for sharing your hearts' desires with me. I really appreciate the time and effort that you took! Don't worry, you won't go home empty-handed -- I'm pretty sure I can find a little something for you in my stash so please attend the SE-PS Christmas Party. Ching, send me your mailing address please.

Here are their awesome LOs (alphabetical order by designer name):

Designer: Lianne "Barbie" Barbieto

Title: Before I'm 40

Barbie says this is the 1st time she's ever joined a contest/challenge and I am so honored that she chose to join mine.

Designer: Berna Acena

Title: Travel

Berna may be new to our e-groups but it looks like she's been scrapping for some time now. We hope to meet you one of these days.

Designer: Ching Philips

Title: Over the Hill

I applaud Ching for always joining contests and challenges. Did you know that she joined the Saling Kit Challenge for the 2nd Scrappin Moms Idol every week? If you want to have a lot of output, joining contests and challenges is the way to go!

Designer: Issa Lucido

Title: Just for a Day

Issa is another talented scrapper who tries to join as many challenges as she can. Her efforts have paid off many times and I'm sure she will continue to win more contests in the near future.

Designer: Jeanie Nieva

Title: Call Me Mom

Jeanie's wish to be a mom struck a chord in our hearts. I hope that God grants your wish because being a mom is one of the greatest gifts and challenges of all!

Designer: Jona Panesa

Title: Life Goals

Jona quietly lurks in the e-groups but is actually quite active in the international scrapping scene. Like me, she is a cake decorator who has slowly pushed that hobby aside in favor of scrapbooking -- hehe.

Thanks again to everyone for joining and I'm looking forward to my last year in the 30's. I hope people are right when they say that 40 is the new 30!


Alby said...

Congrats Ria for the challenge. I feel bad not being able to submit anything because I think this is a great idea.

Congrats Ems for winning! That would be in my list too.

Pia and Jeff said...

Ria, this is a fabulous challenge!

Congrats Ems! The striped borders look familiar hmmm ; ) I hope you'd get want you want before you turned 40!

Congrats too to all those who joined!

bjay said...

I missed this! it's really a great challenge because you can have a bigger picture of what is considered aspirational kahit nga ba 40 na :)

congrats, gorjus!

Benga said...

Fabuluos entries! congrats to Ems ! I hope I can also do an LO about this before I turn 40 :)

Barbie said...

Congrats, Ems! You're already fab, so you're halfway to your goal... ;)

Ria, thanks for giving me the opportunity to start doing challenges. :)