Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sweet N Sassy

Finished this LO of Nadya yesterday. The pic was taken last Oct 2006 during Luis' birthday lunch and after a school performance.

Performing on stage always gives Nadya a high -- she has no concept of stage fright. Especially at her ballet recital last Saturday where she had a 3-minute solo part. I asked her before it started if she was scared, and her reply -- "Of course not!" Out of all the kids, she was the only one who was smiling and looking straight at the audience during her performance.

Title: Sweet n Sassy

Pull-Out Journaling: You have the most disarming personality -- one minute you're the sweetest girl ever, and the next moment you're glaring at Daddy. But we love you just the way you are.

Materials Used: Scenic Route - patterned paper & die-cut arrows; Heidi Swapp bling words and chipboard alpha; DCWV cardstock; chalk ink, Ancient Page stamp ink; Fontwerks & PSX stamps; Zig pen; misc bling and lace

Note: The "n" serves a dual purpose -- short for "and" & also as a monogram for "Nadya".

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Jeff & Pia said...

I love this Ria!!!!!!!!! As in!!!