Wednesday, May 23, 2007

She Mini Album for Scrapfest 2007

I was wondering why I seemed so busy in the past weeks, yet have nothing to post in my blog. Then I realized it's because I wasn't supposed to post them yet -- hehe.

Finally, Scrapfest 2007 is finished and I can post my She LOs!
The Scrappin' Moms outdid themselves again at last Saturday's Scrapfest.

Granted, the place was tight and the demos could have been conducted better -- but other than turn away 50% of the attendees and focus on only 1 technique, I don't think there was an alternative.

Scrapbooking has grown so much in the last year and just thinking of a venue that will accomodate everyone at the right price is giving us a headache.

Scrappers will only part with their money for scrap stuff but not for much else! Haha! Hope everyone had a great time anyway despite the minor setbacks.

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